CogniCue Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
CogniCue Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Healthcare and Diagnosis

It helps doctors and therapists increase emotional awareness for their patients, such as in expressing empathy or delivering diagnoses with accuracy . The platform allows professionals an edge when predicting how someone will approach therapy while also making sure they succeed through its tools designed just for them.

Emotion AI can free up doctors to work more with their patients by analyzing patient records and generating reports based on the data, and measuring the facial expressions, emotions and sentiments to assist the doctor. This helps in having better service from medical staff because it's not just you getting scanned when your emotions but an entire system which includes all sorts of feelings and thoughts which might go unnoticed by the medical staff in a normal one on one session; making sure everything gets categorized correctly into one category if applicable instead multiple ones that don't add much value other than cluttering important volumes within said structure - saving time during long consultations while also helping sick people get treated quicker!

Video Surveys and Feedback

With our platform, you can get a better idea about what people are thinking and feeling while answering the question. With facial expressions decoded for authenticity as well voice tones that signal emotion in their speech patterns we decode words to gauge truthfulness. Leveraging customer sentiment data can help to get the right results.

Using camera and microphone for the video survey recording the spectators' facial expressions, emotions, sentiments in words in the video. This supplies the company with a large number of data points, which are subsequently used to make their products better. The model can recognize complicated facial expressions after being trained. Our technology uses highly sophisticated algorithms to capture what people are really feeling, not just how they act. For example it's able decode words and voice tones in order for us understand truthfulness or honesty when someone answers questions about themselves regarding the product or the service. Data analytics help organizations get the right results because customer sentiment can offer valuable insights into their needs by giving them information on which products might be more popular than others based off feedback from customers.

Dating & Matrimony

With our platform glued to the app, people would be able to make a better decisions. Decoding facial expressions and emotions to help find something which normally people might miss. Users with comparable emotional responses may be exposed to one another more quickly than those with opposing interests.

People would be able to make better judgments if our platform was glued to their Dating or Matrimony app. Decoding facial expressions and emotions to aid in the discovery of something that would otherwise go unnoticed by users with similar emotional responses who may not only communicate more effectively but also expose themselves faster than those with opposing interests do so because they are less interested or distracted when browsing through listings like these. The user can browse through suggested profiles and choose a partner with whom they want to exchange messages. Their facial expressions will be tracked during the conversation while scrolling through potential chats, so that their true feelings show in each message sent by them - encouraging more meaningful connections between users.