CogniCue Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
CogniCue Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

We, at CogniCue, translate your verbal, nonverbal signals and words into meaningful data.

We are committed to delivering the best products possible by capturing a range of body movement and feeling cues such as facial expressions, movements or other bodily changes that give insight into what's going on inside someone's mind - for example how they're really feeling.

Our goal is not just an increase in trustworthiness between partners; it also aims at helping improve everyday interactions within communities while creating new ways businesses can work together more effectively!

CogniCue, when combined with Facial Expression Recognition, Emotion Analysis and Sentiment analysis helps authenticate customer identification, prevent fraud, and provide a smarter, more personalised experience that works perfectly for their businesses and consumers.

It employs a futuristic mechanism that aids in the reading of consumer emotions, the prevention of accidents, and the validation of claim automation and procedures. In a nutshell, it helps banks and financial institutions provide personalised, contextualised, and secure experiences to individual consumers.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to capturing and then converting the true feelings and emotions into data which will ameliorate mutual trustworthiness.

Our vision is to make an ecosystem where no person would be partial for other due to his/her own past experience because a machine can't have personal bias.